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2014 Annual Competition



Music: Woodwinds

Clarinet, Oboe, and Flute




National Annual Competition: Music Chair Carla Jones-Batka

Chapter Annual Competition: Music Chair Susan Merritt Nelsen

Co-Chairs Evelyn Sweet and Isin Ludlow


In 2014, NSAL celebrates the music of the woodwinds: clarinet, oboe, and flute, in its Annual Competition (previously known as Career Awards Competition) open to artists between the ages of 18 through 24.  Contestants compete at the chapter level, with the first place winner going on to compete at the national competition on May 16 in Charleston WV.





National Awards

$10,000 First Place Winner

Followed by a Series of Other Awards


The 2014 National Woodwinds Competition will take place at

The Culture Center in Charleston WV from May 13 to 17.




The National Career Awards, along with the Winston Art and Voice Scholarships, are competitions that are considered the “heart” of NSAL. The National Career Awards competition rotates from year to year in one of the six artistic disciplines supported by NSAL: art, dance, drama, literature, music, and musical theatre.  All local chapters are invited to conduct a regional competition in the designated category.  Regional winners then go on to compete at the national level competition.


All competitions are adjudicated by locally and nationally known professionals in the chosen discipline.  In addition, renowned judges conduct Master Classes for the contestants during the national competition. 


Along with providing young artists opportunities to earn monetary awards, the Annual Competitions allow professional critics, managers, producers, teachers, the media, and patrons of the arts a chance to see and hear emerging talent.  Additionally, NSAL recognizes the recipients of the Washington DC Chapter awards at our annual May chapter meetings.






The Washington DC Chapter Competition was held on Saturday, March 8, 2014, in Alexandria VA.


Congratulations to Laura Kaufman, Flutist


$4,000 First Place Winner

Washington DC Chapter Annual Competition

Woodwind: Clarinet, Oboe, Flute


Laura holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Eastman School of Music

and is pursuing a Master of Music (MM) degree at the University of Maryland




Congratulations also to contestants:

Michael Chang, Clarinet


Kathryn Powell, Clarinet


A sincere thank you to our impressive team of judges.

They were warm, engaged, and outstanding in their field.



Woodwind Competition Judges


Adria Sternstein Foster, Principal Flute, Washington National Opera Orchestra

Jamie Roberts, Principal Oboe, National Symphony Orchestra

Paul Cigan, Clarinet, National Symphony Orchestra

Kim Allen Kluge, Conductor, Composer, Pianist; Alexandria Symphony Orchestra



Woodwind Competition Committee Members


Linda White, Assistant to Chair

Helen Fitzgerald, Timekeeper

Evelyn Sweet, Co-Chair & Liaison to Judges

Susan Merritt Nelsen, Chair

Isin Ludlow, Co-Chair for Operations

Jane Pearson, Interface to Contestants

Carla Jones-Batka, Advisor

Judy Gilbert, Hospitality

Jane Taylor, Paymaster


Additional Committee Members Not Pictured

Cici Hughes, Infrastructure

Mary Ellen Madden, Consultant

Mary Radnofsky, Communications

Katherine Kyle, Photographer



Washington DC Chapter Honorary Member Marci Nadler

designed the logo for the national competition shown above




Chapter Rules and Regulations


For additional information or questions, please contact:

Susan Merritt Nelsen at 703-683-4340 or

Isin Ludlow at, 703-403-0307





The National Competition to be held on May 16, 2014 in Charleston WV.




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